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The Town Council has identified a major lack of space in Foakes Hall to store tables, chairs and other equipment used by hirers and proposes building a three storey extension to the side of the main hall.

Due to the multi-purpose use of Foakes Hall there are several different types of furniture used by hirers depending on their requirements. There are around 12 round tables, 20 rectangular tables, 10 card tables and 225 chairs.

The round tables are currently stored in a cupboard near the entrance, but the other tables and chairs are stored in the hall. The Caretaker moves them around depending on the hirers’ needs.


A three-storey extension to Foakes Hall on the west/car park side to provide storage for tables, chairs and other equipment comprising basement, ground floor and first floor.

Foakes Hall, Great Dunmow


  • Storage for all the furniture, to de-clutter the Hall and other rooms, thereby increasing hiring potential.
  • Reduce the workload of the Caretaker and address health & safety issues by minimising the repeated moving of furniture.
  • Enable the scenery store to be de-cluttered.
  • Free up the round table store so that it can be used for cleaning equipment.
  • Provide storage for current long-term users such as Puffins Preschool, Pantomime and Players.


The basement area could be used by Puffins Preschool for storage. Currently Puffins have to move their equipment out of the basement and up into the Hall when there is a Pantomime or Players show.

The ground floor will be on the same level as the main hall. This will provide storage for all the tables and new chairs on a wheeled racking system.

The first floor will provide an additional storage room, perhaps for hire to a local organisation.

The cost is likely to be £110,000-£130,000. The Town Council has built an earmarked reserve for this project.

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