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1) New Storage Building: two metal containers with storage for a football team and Gt. Dunmow Round Table are considered to be unsightly. The Town Council stores limited grounds maintenance equipment which could be stored more appropriately in a purpose-built unit. It is possible that, as the town expands, the Town Council may purchase more equipment and have additional staff to manage the open spaces, and this would require secure storage.

2) Renew Public Toilets: the toilets were originally built around 80 years ago and, although refurbished more recently, frequently suffer from a drainage problem. They do not meet the needs of disabled users or those with young children.

3) Extension to the Car Park: the car park is in need of repair and does not meet the needs of the hirers of the Dourdan Pavilion during football season or other busy periods.


  • A new secure storage building complete with all services and sectioned into three individual units. The roof will be high enough to allow for a mezzanine floor. The store building would house grass cutting machinery and limited fuel, with a small workshop facility. Additional storage would be available.
  • To demolish the existing toilet block and build a new one. Exact location to be decided.
  • To repair the surface and increase the capacity of the car park by approximately 30% and mark out spaces.
Recreation Ground, Great Dunmow


  • Storage of Town Council equipment and future planning for storage of grounds maintenance equipment if and when such maintenance is carried out by Town Council employees.
  • A workshop facility for grounds maintenance machinery.
  • Provision of storage for a football team and Gt. Dunmow Round Table to replace their containers which are currently placed at the end of the car park.
  • A third storage area for hire to a local organisation.
  • Functional, modern and compliant public toilets.
  • Alleviation of parking problems in the car park during football season and for the hirers of the Dourdan Pavilion.
  • Alleviation of overspill parking on The Causeway and associated issues concerning road safety and congestion.


Estimated costs:

  • £74,000 for a new toilet block containing 4 cubicles
  • £95,800 for a new toilet block containing 6 cubicles
  • £51,800 for the storage building
  • £75,300 to resurface the existing car park
  • £123,600 to extend and resurface the car park
  • Costs include fees and exclude VAT
  • Other costs to be confirmed

Detailed plans can currently be seen:

  • At the Town Council Office
  • On display in the Foakes Hall
  • At the Tourist Information Office in the Town Library

Your views are being sought on this proposal, please answer all or some of the following questions and send your email to the Town Council:

  • Do you feel that a NEW BUILDING would be an asset to provide more storage?
  • Do you think that the PUBLIC TOILETS need to be updated and replaced?
  • Do you believe that the CAR PARK should be extended to provide 30% more parking?

  • Do you think that the projects offer value for money?
  • Do you think that the plans will deliver the objectives?
  • Do you suggest any changes to the plans?
  • Any other comments or suggestions?


Any comments you give will be taken to the Council meeting on Thursday 10th January 2019, when the decision will be made on whether to apply for planning permission for the project.

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